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Single Payer Healthcare

HR676 call your congresspeople, sign Bernie Sanders’ petition on the legislation for Single Payer Health care.

There is also a blog called Single Payer Action for more information and up to date news on this very crucial issue.

The Green Party‘s platform also advocates for Single Payer Health Insurance.

It’s time we the people took better action on this and stop the corporate corruption between the U.S. Government and the private insurance industry!

More on health insurance

I feel compelled to post a second piece on health care in this country, based on the comment to my post below on insurance.  An anonymous poster posted this comment:

Unfortunately many employees and employers wrongly accuse the insurance companies of being the bad guys here. The reason that the insurance companies are asking for this information now is because of the politcal mess and laws that state and federal lawmakers have imposed on the insurance companies. In order for the insurance carrier to properly rate a group financially they must look at the information for ALL ELIGBLE employees. An elible employee is any employee who meets the employers requirements irregardless of if they have coverage elsewhere. Under continuity of coverage laws if someone waives their right to coverage under their employers group plan because they have coverage under their spouses plan they still have the right to join their employers group insurance plan if their spouse loses coverage, therefore the carrier has to rate for potential risk. Many people are wrongly accusing the insurance carriers of responsiblity for this and they need to look at the laws that were passed that prompted this.

I replied that yes, I do feel it is the system that needs to be changed.  I am not blaming the workers with the insurance companies, however there is something wrong with this picture.  Insurance companies, as this anonymous poster points out, have to abide by regulations.  Who makes those regulations?  Our representatives.  Who are our representatives?  For the most part, rich white guys that own large corporations such as insurance companies.

Now hear this:

All private insurance companies need to be phased out.  We need to STOP lining the pockets of rich corporations at the expense of human needs.

We need single payer, non-profit health coverage.  EVERYONE has the right to EQUAL health services.  Health care is a RIGHT, *not* a PRIVELEGE.