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Tasers: A Form of Torture?

A man who posted a YouTube video of himself being tasered by a Utah Highway Patrol Officer has generated controversy according to an article in today’s Deseret News – mostly due to the comments that people have made in response to it.
(NOTE: I personally do not condone the violent commments made in response to the video clip but think it's important to reveal the torture methods being used by police in the United States.)

Here is more information on the use of tasers as torture in recent news:

Published on Sunday, November 25, 2007 by CBS News
UN: Tasers Are A Form Of Torture
“Stun Guns” Are Under Fire After Six Deaths This Week; Rallies Held Demanding They Be Banned
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The Problem with Guns

I’ve been thinking a lot about guns lately – since there was a shooting and mass murder here in Salt Lake last week. It’s so easy for anyone to get a gun. So I have some thoughts.

1. Gun permits should be treated like a drivers license. Go to school. Take a written, vision and practical test.
2. Gun permits should also be treated like annual car tag renewals. Every year you go through a competency test to make sure you can still can use the gun properly.
3. Gun permits should be obtained in the same way that a person seeking employment with, say, the school system should be. Fingerprints. Background investigation.

Having higher standards and stricter criteria for owning a gun should definitely be put into place. While our legislators are busy arguing over school clubs and women’s rights, people can walk into a gun shop and obtain a gun permit with little effort.

That’s crazy.