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More baby photos

Here are some more photos of little Gregory!  Also his mom Carmen and dad Greg (my son).  I get to see them in a little over two weeks – yay!  He is getting so big!

More pics and info on grandparents list

My life has been so busy this year that I have really been a slacker on posting.  I have deleted the grandparents journal to reduce the amount of journals I have.

Here are some pics of my little grand-papoose!   He’s eating cereal now and weighs about 15 1/2 pounds! (He is 4 months old).

Back from vacation….

….and bragging:

Tom and Dee’s Excellent Grand parenting Adventures

Back from vacation….

….and bragging:

Tom and Dee’s Excellent Grand parenting Adventures

Busy Times – Part 1

I haven’t been posting as much as usual because this is a busy time for me, professionally as well as personally.

As a musician, performer, and director, the holiday season is packed with shows and other events.

Personally, I have been preparing goodie bags for my co-workers in my department. This year I oversee a department of 7 people. I made each person a bag with organic dried goodies from my garden and framed photos of nature scenes I took with my digital camera. This all took more time to put together than just walking into a store and buying gifts, but it was socially repsonsible gift giving since I used goodies from my garden that I know for sure are pesticide-free, photos I took myself, and gently used frames, since I buy almost all my stuff from thrift stores.

I’m also getting ready for my trip to Maryland, making the family calendars for everyone in my family. I continued the tradition that my mother started of giving everyone calendars, with a twist: I provide homemade calendars with photos that I have archived digitally from old photo albums and current photos and make collages on each month, reflecting birthdays and anniversaries.

And, of course, I am eagerly awaiting the moments to see my family again and hold my new grandson.

The Word’s Out Now

So my son told his grandparents and other family members about his impending fatherhood. He told me he still feels like everyone will consider him a big disappointment – and I don’t know why because they don’t and, in fact, everyone is being really supportive. I hope he will get over this feeling soon.

Meanwhile, I will be accompanying Carmen to her next doctor’s visit on May 17! I dropped off several bags of food and personal items for her today, along with a book that I made on nutrition in pregnancy.