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My “FU” Journey with Flourouracil

I began my journey with Flourouracil today, October 27, 2019. Flourouracil is a chemotherapy cream used to treat pre-cancer and cancer lesions on the skin.

Between November, 2018 and July 2019 I had five malignancies on my head – one on my forehead and four  on my scalp – each one Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Each time required first the biopsy, then the waiting, then the diagnosis, then the Electrodesiccation and curettage (EDC – or as I call it, “scrape and burn technique”) to get rid of the cancer cells. My scalp looks like a battle zone with all the scar tissue.

After the fifth malignancy, my dermatologist said “We have to stop carving up your scalp.  Let’s try this cream.” I had read about this treatment but not that I was to use it I did a lot more research so as to be well prepared. Although every individual reacts differently to the treatment , It’s not pretty and it’s not free of pain and discomfort. But the success rate is very high.

I find it quite humorous that the abbreviated  name for this cream is “5-FU”, especially the “FU” part (The “5” is representative of the percent of Flouracil in the cream.).  Yeah, “FU” skin cancer!

Using the tag “flourouracil” I will be creating a chronicle of this first (and hopefully only) journey with Flourouracil treatment. WARNING:  I will incorporate photos of my scalp which are likely to become unsightly.

My hope is that my sharing my experiences, those who read my accounts will know the dangers of sun exposure, practice protection from UV rays, and will spread the word.

Now, on with Flourouracil and adorning my head with scarves and caps!