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*What* progress?

Just after George W. Bush made his speech to the American public last Thursday night giving his compelling reasons for maintaining a strong military presence in Iraq since “progress” is supposedly being made, this report came out:

Iraq report shows slow progress being made

as reported by ctv.ca  and the Associated Press

The report indicates that, while the Bush administration plays up the “accomplishments” made in Iraq, in fact “meager” progress is being made.  While Bush plays games to get the American public to think that there will be a decrease in troops,  the reduction is, in reality, a decrease in the increase of troops:

American political historian Allan J. Lichtman likened Bush to a used car salesman.

“What he’s done here is what the used car salesmen do,” he told CTV’s Canada AM Friday. “They jack up their prices, he put more troops in. Then they lower the price and say — ‘Look, a big sale, you’re saving money,'” he said.

“There is no troop reduction, there’s only a reduction of the increase,” he said.

Meanwhile, more troops are dying, more Iraqis are dying, the country continues to be in shambles, money continues to be diverted from services for American citizens to the war department to “combat terrorism” and the spineless Dems continue to  emphasize what they are calling “redployment” instead of having the troops stand down and return to their U.S. bases.

The U.S. needs to get out of Iraq –NOW.

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