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Do We Really Need Daylight Savings Time?

(cross-posted to Utah Legislature Watch)

If one lawmaker has his way, Daylight Savings Time could be on its way out….of Utah, that is.

H.B. 288, Daylight Savings Time, proposes to exempt the state from observance of daylight saving time.

Quoted in a Deseret News Article, Rep. Kenneth Sumsion, R-American Fork says

“Over time, I’ve had so many constituents say they hate switching,” said Sumsion, who Wednesday introduced HB288.

There would still be 24 hours in the day. There would still be the same hours and minutes of daylight and darkness, depending on where the Earth is in its yearly trip around the sun.

“It’s a question of convenience and what we really want,” Sumsion said.

How would it be to not have to remember to “fall back” or “spring ahead”?