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Pelosi Takes Over – A “New Direction” for America?

If a “new direction” is  the case, why won’t she push for Impeachment of the Bush Regime?  Pelosi touts a “new direction” for women as well, yet the Bush regime is flagrantly anti-women’s rights.  I won’t see a “new direction” until she, and the rest of the dems, get Bush out.

(Photo: Lawrence Jackson / AP)

Beginning a new year….

….with these few selected headlines:
Globally and Nationally
Harare’s struggling millions face bleak 2007
Plane in Indonesia said probably crashed
Ban Ki-moon takes the reins of U.N.
Americans predict plenty of gloom and doom in 2007: AP poll
2007 energy outlook: costs up
Time to Reflect as Iraq Toll Hits 3,000
3,000 toll draws tears
Sustainable timber: Groups question forest certification

New year brings tax cuts, smoking restrictions
2006 Utahns of the Year