Skin Cancer is Serious: Vigilance is Key

As Skin Cancer Awareness month is in its last week, it is far from stopping the stories. My story continues. The two “bullet hole”-like areas on my scalp where I had Squamous Cell Carcinoma removed are healing well. They still look like bullet holes, but will slowly fade. The SCC area on my forehead removed in November is barely noticeable. The bad news is that there are several more growths that have appeared on my scalp and are growing. I have an appointment on July 2. More to come.

Here is a story of a woman’s skin cancer experience with SCC, the type I am diagnosed with, as well as Basal Cell Carcinoma. “After my diagnosis, the strangest coincidence happened. I took a cab home, and the driver shared that his mother had died from squamous cell carcinoma. He was devastated. I felt like I’d been punched in the gut. Really, I thought, people die from this? Yes, while the statistics on nonmelanoma skin cancers are estimates, as many as 15,000 people in the U.S. die from advanced SCC every year.”

Skin cancer is serious. It can kill. I will remain vigilant. I hope others take my advice and do the same.

A Hole in My Head


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