Making a difference: We are all “every ed”ucators

(Note:  I will be cross-posting pieces here from my educator blog, referenced below). 

Education, like many other fields, is full of its specialities. General Ed. Special Ed. Math Specialists. Autism Specialists. Behavior Specialists. Language Specialists….the list is long, the specialities wide.

But I like to think of every teacher, every administrator, every specialist as "every ed"ucators. Bottom line: We are here for kids….every kid.

I often think of the Starfish Story (reprinted on tab with same name) when a challenge comes my way in working with kids. Washing my hands of challenges to let someone else "deal" with them is not in my repertoire of teaching tools. You just never know what impact you will have on a student. It may not appear right away – it may even be long after they are gone from the school. One thing for sure, every kid deserves the chance, or maybe two or three or a dozen chances, to learn to swim.

(cross-posted to Exceptional Universe)

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