A New Decade

A decade ago we were welcoming in the 21st century.  Hard to believe.  We are now entering a new decade – decade #2 – in the 21st century. Time flies and as it does I realize how little I have done and how much more there is to experience!   Here are some highlighted events of the decades since my birth:

Decade #1:  I was born, welcomed two siblings,  lived in Panama for 6 months, lost both grandfathers, moved from one town to another, got 
                       my first pair of eyeglasses, began playing piano
Decade #2:  got my first bicycle, became a teenager, started playing french horn and singing, got braces, welcomed another sibling, got my 
                       drivers license, started dating, graduated from high school, entered college
Decade #3:  dabbled in politics, graduated from college, began my career, got married (the first time), had three children, lost my paternal 
                       grandmother,built a thriving piano program in my school, founded a children’s music camp
Decade #4:  lost 70 pounds, became more physically fit, got divorced, moved across the country, became an avid outdoor
                       enthusiast, taught myself how to play flute and play the djembe, relocated to Utah
Decade #5:  became very politically involved, began crocheting more, remarried, welcomed 3 grandchildren, lost my maternal 
                       grandmother, changed gears in my career, participated in several civil disobedience events, drove across the country about 5 
                       times, ran for office
Decade #6 (so far):  Welcomed 2 more grandchildren, took on more leadership roles in my career….(to be continued)….

I’ve probably left out  a few things, but there are so many more things I want to do yet!  They include (but aren’t limited to):

Building a peace house (utahpeacehouse.org), learning how to play cello, travelling to other states I’ve never been to as well as Ethiopia, Venezuela, and some other places, continue backpacking and hiking and camping, retire from my career; continuing to work towards a more peaceful world.

Happy New Year everyone.  May  your desires be realized and your hopes and dreams be achieved!

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