The reason we live like this

I am reposting this.  My daughter wrote this when she was 15 for an English assignment (she is now 20):

The reason we live like this

Everyone has a different outlook or perspective on the way they do things. Most people put

time away to get to their destination in life and stick with it until death as part of their


My goal may be different than everyone else’s. My goal is to live up to my responsibilities of

being a human being; to live each day, not as if it were my last, but as if it were my first;

to learn something new and remember the kindness and generosity I am supposed to show other

people and things that make up who I am.

In today’s society there is so much wrong:
or even just the fact that there are some people who can’t walk grounds without someone

bringing to their attention how useless and unwanted they are. We shouldn’t put those things

aside – we should listen, we should care, we should try to make things better between

everything and everyone. Just because the good things you do might not mean anything to most

people doesn’t mean you didn’t help someone get through a difficult situation – you made a

difference to them and to yourself. Don’t let the world move you away from what you have

already become.

I’ve had experience with change and being alone – everyone has – but that’s what it’s all

about. Some people have it good – some people have it bad. Then some people, like me, just have

it – life and everything that comes with it. Change effects everyone around you whether it be

your Mom, Dad, friends, etc., – it effects everyone.

So the reason we live like this isn’t because we want to – it is because we have to. Whatever

life’s plan is for you is what you have to take, even if it means going out of your way to

please other people and yourself. Life’s gonna knock you down sometimes and that’s OK but

what’s not OK is when you let life keep you down. When you feel knocked over just get back up

and start all over again. It may not make a better past but it will definitely create a

positive future.

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