Animal Rescue

Tom rescued a baby pigeon after having to close all possible entries for birds in the eaves of our school building. The birds had been creating a situation where students could hear them during class walking across the ceiling and coo-ing. Tom tried on Saturday to get all the pigeons out, but was unsuccessful as a few, along with their babies, would not fly out. He was forced to close them in. After closing the holes, the pigeons that had been inside the building (above the dropped ceiling) either escaped through the building or perished….except for Pudgey. Tom has been this pigeon’s "mother" for over nearly 2 weeks. Pudgey gets very excited when it’s feeding time and after eating likes to jump up on Tom’s lap for bonding. Pudgey is getting bigger and stronger each day and is now able to eat pieces of dry oats from the floor, along with rocks (birds store rocks in their gizzard to help digest the food they eat).

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