ACLU of Utah on SB 277: More Violations of 4th Amendment Rights

SB 277 DNA Modifications proposes to collect DNA samples of individuals arrested for violent felonies.

The key concept here that is not being considered, it appears, is the difference between being arrested and convicted.  It looks like “innocent until proven guilty” has no bearing on this at all.

Fox News carried a piece on the bill here.

The ACLU of Utah opposes the expansion of DNA databanks to include those merely charged with certain types of crimes:

There is a vast difference between using DNA as a tool in investigations – both to catch the guilty and exonerate the wrongly accused – and
permanently storing the most intimate biological information of persons who have not been convicted of any crime.

The taking and permanent retention of DNA from innocent people is an intolerable violation of the Fourth Amendment.

Read the rest of the ACLU of Utah’s statement here.

(cross-posted to Utah Legislature Watch)

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