The voting i.d. debacle

(cross-posted to Utah Legislature Watch)

While the U.S. Supreme Court has now made it official that corporations are persons and have the same rights as individuals, including running for elections and voting (see Murray Hill, Inc. running for Congress), it appears the voting rights of “real” individuals are at stake – especially of opponents to the Valid Voter Identification (H.B. 79) get their way.

This bill would enable people with Medicare cards (i.e. the elderly [the largest population of voters] who have no drivers license.  A state i.d. you say?  Well, that might be possible if there weren’t long lines at the Department of Motor Vehicles due to recent changes resulting in the DMV to come into compliance with the Real ID Act (see articles in the Standard Net and  Salt Lake Tribune).

The real debate, though, is what democracy looks like with regards to people being able to vote and the barriers put forth preventing people from voting.

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