Legislators, listen to the people: No raised taxes on food!

(cross-posted on Utah Legislature Watch)

A poll conducted by the Deseret News/KSL-TV on raising taxes on food has yielded these results (published in the Deseret News):

….65 percent of Utahns say they definitely or probably oppose increasing the food tax. The survey of 408 Utahns, conducted by Dan Jones & Associates, found 33 percent definitely or probably approve of raising the tax.

Two polls published on Utah Legislature Watch support these results as well (here and here).
Despite what some legislators say will be a “break” with a credit at income tax time for low income earners, this will hit those in need more on a daily basis since this population spends a higher percentage of their wages on basic necessities.

Utah legislators, listen to the people: Do not support a reinstatement of the former rate of sales tax on food!

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