Common Ground Initiative’s Nemesis: The Sacred Ground Initiative

(Cross posted from Utah Legislature Watch)

This legislative session, there is a series of 5 bills, as has been written about on this blog, called “Common Ground Initiative”, which advocate for the provisions of Expanding Health Care, Fair Housing & Employment, Wrongful Deaths, The Domestic Partner Rights and Responsibilities Act and Clarifying Amendment 3 (repealing the portion of Amendment 3 which states “no other domestic union, however denominated, may be recognized as marriage or be given the same or substantially equivalent legal effect – would not change Utah’s definition of marriage).  Equality Utah is the organizing group behind this initiative.

Michael Mueller of Utahns for Marriage Equality :

There is phone banking, citizen lobbyist activities, and many other crucial activities they need are help with – now and throughout the year. As I have mentioned before, even though our group’s goal is full marriage equality for all Utahns, there is a long history in this country of marriages that are neither real marriages nor are they equal. In this case, these basic LGBT rights must be obtained whether or not marriage equality is obtained.

To counter-act the Common Ground Initiative, the Eagle Forum and the Sutherland Instituteare launching their very own copy cat initiative, the Sacred Ground Initiative. In a press release issued by these groups it was stated:

Following an unsuccessful campaign to dismantle traditional marriage in California, gay rights advocates are now turning their focus to Utah. Known for strong family values, Utahns are now being exposed to deceptive marketing campaigns based on a non-threatening appeal to “common ground.”

On Thursday, February 5th, these groups will present their Sacred Ground Initiative at an event titled “Stand Up To Protect Marriage” at Thanksgiving Point, State of the Union II: The Challenge to Family and Freedom.  This free and open to the public  event will be held at the Show Barn at Thanksgiving Point from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m.  Speakers will include Paul T. Mero,  LaVar Christensen, primary author of Utah’s Constitutional Amendment in support of traditional marriage, and Lauralyn B. Swim, Sutherland benefactor and former member of the Young Women General Board of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

“Sutherland continues to defend the sacred ground of traditional marriage, and family as the fundamental unit of society,” said Institute President, Paul T. Mero.  ”This session will talk directly to Utahns about how the gay marriage controversy has come to our state and what responsible citizens can do to stand up for and be advocates to protect marriage and optimal family structures.”

Anyone can attend this event by obtaining seat reservations.  It has been advertised that participants must rsvp online, call (801) 355-1272, e-mail, or visit to reserve seats for the event.  I’m not sure what information they will take from you but I’m guessing they will be screening interested parties.

I am urging everyone who can to pursue attending this event.  Additionally, there will be a Protest and Infiltration of Sacred Ground Initiative Launch, the details which can be found here.

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