Writing to Obama

Yesterday I held a civics lesson for my 10th grade advisory students where I teach on the "Power of the President".  I was given some materials by a colleague to use, including a cute little video on "brain pop" and some other items for discussion.

One thing I had the students do was write a letter to President Obama.  First I gave them the entire transcript of his speech for reference.  Happily, most of them had watched his inaugural speech already.  The prompts I gave them included:
"I like it when you said…." and "I wish you would have said….".  It was a great exercise in civic engagement.  Some students finished their letters but others really wanted more time to do a thorough job, so I anticipate more coming in to me today.  We will send them in separate envelopes and await replies.

I will share some of those letters here over the weekend.

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