Buy Nothing Day in Utah

From KUTV Channel 2 UtahI am quoted near the bottom
Utahns Participate In Buy Nothing Day

While millions of Americans where rushing from store to store hunting for rock bottom deals of Black Friday, a significantly smaller portion of the population was refusing to spend a single penny on that day. 

Sarah and Derek Staffanson have decided to join the legions of people across the country taking part in “Buy Nothing Day.”  A grass roots effort to stamp out consumerism and unnecessary debt.

The Staffanson’s decided to spent this “Black Friday” decorating their tree.   Derek says for most of his life heading to the malls the day after Thanksgiving was part of his family holiday ritual.

He says during a long evolution he and his wife have decided that blatant consumerism often left him empty inside he says he still wants to buy certain things but says community service is more fulfilling.

Also celebrating “Buy Nothing Day” is Deanna Taylor.  She spent the afternoon at Library Square collecting old coat and handing them out to people who need them.

Staffanson and his wife say they enjoy living a simpler life. 

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