To District 10 West Jordan Voters: Defeat Butt-arse

Today’s Deseret News has a piece on the Utah Senate race in West Jordan in which incumbent Butt-arse (my pet name for Chris Buttars)  is fighting to retain.  According to the article, A Dan Jones poll reveals that the race is statistically a tie.

Butt-arse has demonstrated, through his words and actions over the years, that he is against anything that involves people making choices for themselves.  His mission is to have as much government interference in peoples’ private lives as possible.

Butt-arse’s past positions resulting in proposed legislation include anti-gay clubs in schools, anti-gay marriage or gay rights, and anti-evolution and pro-creationism theory ("Intelligent Design" – an attempt to refute evolution), as well as tuition tax credits (the precursor to vouchers).

Here’s a quote by Butt-arse that I found on the website linked below:

“Well, there’s a lot of things we vote on that we don’t understand, but I would rather stand on the principle of ‘let’s go for it.’ “ — Salt Lake Tribune quotes Chris Buttars

Be sure to check out this site and encourage everyone in District 10 to vote against Chris Butt-arse!

Save Me From My Senator – Chris Buttars Scares Me.

It was started as a result of dire frustration by a constituent of his. It’s chock full of really useful information, including
101 Reasons to Get Rid of Chris Buttars, Tools for Citizens to use in the Fight, news and blog articles, and lots more.

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Here’s my revival of a cartoon Tom and I created about Butt-arse:

Dat’s all folks! Copyright©2006 motannaed

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