Reusing “stuff” to create

A few weeks ago, Tom got me several packages of burnable DVD’s so I could burn slide shows and photos.  When I opened the package I found these little clear plastic discs.  I’m not sure why they were in there, but I got an idea.  I told Tom I wanted to make peace earrings out of them and together we did.  He had all this colorful wire from the inside of phone coil that he had saved and we used it to wrap around the plastic discs and also to create the stems in the middle of them, forming the peace symbol.  Here is a photo of the disks and the coil:

Here is a photo of three pair of thefinished earrings:

Not only are they colorful and sturdy, they are light weight.  AND they are made from reused “stuff” that would have otherwise ended up in the garbage – I even reused the earring hooks from old pairs of earrings and earrings that I had lost one of a pair.  The earring holders on which they are hanging I had obtained from a yard sale awhile back.

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