Kat Swift for President – Help her reach her goal to remain a candidate

From the Kat for Prez Campaign:
Hi all,

I am half way there!  As of today, Jan 27th, I have raised just over $2500 for my campaign!

As you may know, I am seeking the US Presidential Nomination for the Green Party.  One of the requirements of the party to remain an official candidate is to raise $5000 by February 1, 2008.

Please help me stay on the Green Party’s official candidate list by contributing any amount you can spare even if it is only ONE dollar. 

Seriously, if everyone who gets this notice donates $5.00 I will meet the goal.  Keeping in mind that not everyone will, please consider making a larger donation (fyi…the maximum is $2300).

Donate online or mail a check – see signature below for details.  You must be a US citizen or legal resident who doesn’t work for a federal contractor and use your own funds.  Minors can contribute if from their own money. Please include employer, occupation and mailing address with your donation.

Spread the word and if you’ve already donated – muchisimas gracias! (thanks very much!)

In solidarity…kat

kat swift
Candidate for the Green Party 2008 US Presidential Nomination
Take back your Government – Vote Green
blog: http://www.votekat.org/blog

Donations can be made out and mailed to:
kat swift for president
1522 W Elsmere Pl
SA, TX 78201

AIM- MahaMonkeyMojo
Find me on Facebook
ICQ- 486982757
Join prezkat@googlegroups.com for Announcements

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