My LA Speech

Greetings from Utah and from the Green Party of the United States!

I vividly remember choosing my favorite color at the age of 8 – GREEN. My love of green is rooted in my love for life on this planet.. and so it is fitting that I would align myself the Green Party.

I belong to the Green Party for these reasons:

  • Social Justice and equal opportunity….

  • Ecological Wisdom….

  • Decentralization ….

  • Community-based Economics and economic justice….

  • Feminism and Gender Equity….

  • Respect for Diversity….

  • Future Focus and Sustainability….




These are the values upon which I strive to live my life. AND

These key values are precisely why we need to make every effort to get Greens elected!. THE GREEN PArTY **IS** THE **PEACE** PARTY !! We have a congress that cares nothing about our planet or life on it.

So the best way to challenge Congress’s constant approval of invasions and military spending increases is to get Greens elected to Congress. Having Greens in office would change the whole political landscape! Greens wouldn’t only be certain to vote against ALL pro-war and pro-military legislation, we would also provide some competition for the Democrats, currently lacking, besides Republicans.

Greens do not accept corporate money and therefore Greens are not in bed with defense contractors. Greens in office would have no corporate interests to influence their decision-making, unlike the current corporate influenced legislators currently in Congress.

The following is a list of calls to action by the Green Party which urges everyone to do the same:

  • The GP urges Immediate withdrawal of all US forces from Iraq.

  • The GP denounces Democratic leaders for supporting the invasion, offering
    vague and delayed timetables for troop withdrawal, approving bills for continued war
    spending, and retreating from impeachment.  Green leaders strongly condemned recent statements by
    presidential aspirants Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John Edwards that they could not
    promise the removal of all US combat troops from Iraq by 2013 warning that the Iraq War (as well as the threat of war with Iran) will continue whether a Democrat or Republican is elected in 2008.

  • The GP oppose a US military attack on Iran – Americans should not believe the new flood of
    deceptive war propaganda.

  • The GP stresses that Congress could end the war quickly if Democrats refused to move on bills for
    war funding, including the latest request for nearly $190 billion the Pentagon says is
    necessary to keep combat troops in Iraq for another year. 

  • The GP urges Congress to divert federal funds from war spending to human needs and services in the US, including restoration and rebuilding in the Gulf Coast.

  • The GP calls for the impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Cheney for
    numerous abuses of power, including misleading the American people about the reasons for
    invading Iraq. 

  • The GP calls the invasion a criminal breach of the US Constitution and international law, motivated by desire for political and corporate dominance in the region, control over Iraqi oil and other resources, and cooperation with Israel’s aggressive strategic objectives.

Join the Green Party in these calls to action. Support Greens running for office. Get Greens elected. Run as a Green for office in your district. Educate your community on the 10 key values for which the Green Party stands. Greens have been elected to offices all over the country from water boards to councils to mayors! If you are an informed and passionate citizen, YOU can run and should be running for office as a Green. You don’t need any other special pre-qualifications. That’s what democracy looks like! If you desire to foster peace, economic justice and to improve the health of our planet – YOU can run for office as a Green! If you want to work to demilitarize and eliminate weapons of mass destruction – if you want to promote non-violent methods to oppose practices and policies with which we disagree – if you want to act towards personal, community and global peace – YOU should run for office as a Green!

It’s time to get Greens in office for a CHANGE-



I would like to leave you with this Pledge to Life, which my husband Tom wrote:

I pledge allegiance to all life

in its interdependent diversity;

and to the Planet upon which it exists;

one World, under the sky, undividable

with harmony and balance for all.

Thank you!

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