Utah’s new and “improved” bus routes and schedules

Yesterday was the first time I experienced the impact of Utah Transit Authority’s “new and improved” bus system, which took effect August 26th.

After walking around West Jordan to run errands (there is no bus route available to do this), I needed to take a bus to the TRAX station from my neighborhood in West Jordan so I could travel the 12 miles north to Salt Lake City.  What I discovered is that there is NO east west running bus in my area to take riders to the train.  The only bus I found was one that runs north south and into  Salt Lake City in a part that is far from my destination.

So I walked.  And walked.  And walked.

It took me one hour from where I was after doing errands to get to a train.  I love to walk, so it wasn’t too much of an imposition, however I was lucky that I was not on a strict time schedule.  What I discovered on my 5 mile walk was that as I meandered through affluent neighborhoods, near big box stores and golf courses, there were plenty of bus stops (for weekday travelers).   But what I then found as I wound myself through less affluent neighborhoods – trailer parks and small bungalows in more low income areas – was that bus stops had been completely eliminated (there were signs on former bus stop signs announcing the elimination of them).


It is even more apparent to me now who the UDOT bus system caters to.  And it ain’t the working folks who work trades or minimum wage jobs and it ain’t those among them who work to keep businesses open on the weekends.

There’s a LOT wrong with this picture.

I’m leaving now on this Sunday to walk to the TRAX station.  This time I have a shorter walk – only about 2 miles since I’m leaving directly from my home.  There is no bus available for me today.

Good thing it’s not raining.  And good thing my legs and feet still work.

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