PFS plant is dead – for now

I was glad to read that the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals will not even entertain acknowledgment of the plan by Private Fuel Storage to build a high level nuclear waste plant in Utah

PFS has been trying for years to get the go ahead to build a nuclear waste site in Utah.  Each obstacle, like this one, makes it increasingly difficult for this to happen, much to the advantage of not only Utahns, but people across the country since waste would be transported from various sites.

An activist colleague of mine offers this information:
The tricky part here, that may not have been known Monday, is that there is a provision in the Defense Authorization Act to eliminate the requirement that the Air Force conduct a study to see how storing nuclear waste on the reservation could affect operations at the Utah Test and Training Range.  Sen Hansen had put this in in 1999, and it was cited in the BLM refusal to grant the right-of-way that the study was required and had not been completed.  If the requirement is removed, it removes an impediment to the right-of-way, and PFS’s plan.  No one seems to know who inserted this provision, and Hatch says they are working with the Senate Armed Forces Committee to “rectify the situation.”  I wouldn’t put it past Hatch to have inserted it himself.  Here’s a link to an article on this provision.

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