Earth Day Numbers

Earth Day Reality Check

177 billion
Number of dollars U.S. consumers saved in 2005 because of improvements in automobile efficiency
since 1973
13.1 billion
Number of gallons of gasoline saved if every American converted to one of the four most efficient cars
in each class
8 billion
Number of dollars U.S. consumers lose daily because of idle electronic functions such as lit display
clocks, memory chips, and remote control functions
495 million
Number of dollars U.S. consumers spend on gasoline every day
75 million
Number of dollars saved in electricity costs if all U.S. companies switched to Energy Star “exit” signs
Number of trees saved if you recycled all the newspaper in the U.S. on one average Sunday
Number of pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) released by the average household each year
Number of acres of rainforest lost every hour worldwide
Year that Mt. Kilimanjaro’s glaciers will be completely gone
Percentage of the world’s population that lives in the tropics and will therefore be dramatically affected
by climate change effects, such as rising sea levels and warmer temperatures
Number of years it will take for the Greenland ice sheet to be completely eliminated at the current rate
of emissions
Number of dollars saved in energy costs for every light bulb replaced with an Energy Star bulb
Percentage of total heat lost in a typical home because of poor sealing
Percentage of species facing extinction because of global climate change
Percentage saved on the average heating bill for every degree a household lowers its thermostat in the
Number of people it takes to start change

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