Earth Day

I am on the planning committee for the 16th Earth Jam in Salt Lake City on this year’s Earth Day.  I am helping to organize the children’s area, Kiddie Village.  Here is a photo of a banner I’ve started making for the event:

We will be having all sorts of crafts and children’s activities in this area for families who bring children.  One thing we will want all people to do is to come by and decorate a fabric swatch with their favorite earth day message to be hung around the park, beginning in the children’s area.

Earth Jam will be held on SUNDAY  April 22, 2007, at Liberty Park 700 East 1300 South. This event is free, and open to the public. This is a family festival filled with music, dance, and Earth Day awareness information.

Here is list of the entertainment on the various stages (subject to change)

The Moon Stage
12:00 PM  dj Whimpmeister
1:00 PM    dj RudeGal & dj Avu
2:00 PM    dj Ewok
3:00 PM    dj Derivative
4:00 PM    dj CoDeReD
5:00 PM    dj Mason & Wes Miles
6:00 PM    dj K
7:00 PM    dj Loki sponcered by V2 & Mechanized
8:00 PM    dj Merryl   sposered by Mechanized

The Earth Stage

12:00 N   7 Billion

1:20pm  Gypsy Superstitious

2:40pm  The Crossing

4:00pm  Goddess Sabrina Blackburn

5:20pm  The Polaroids

7:00pm   Blues 66

8:00pm   Jinga Boa

9:00pm   Incindiary Circus

The Satellite Stage
12:00 N    LEAH
     12:40 pm  Galen Young

     1:20 pm    Ben & Garret

     2:00 pm    Consensus of One

     2:40 pm    Emme Packer

     3:20 pm    Buddha Pie 


     4:00 pm    John Bean

     4:40 pm    Derek Bentivdgna

     5:20 pm    Dwayne

     6:00 pm    Rene

     6:40 pm    House of Cards

     7:20 pm    Timmi Cruz

One response to “Earth Day

  1. We liked this family festival,the music was great.I hope we will be there next year as well as this year.

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