Sacred Peace Walk

My friends with the Nevada Desert Experience began their Sacred Peace Walk last Tuesday, March 27, beginning in Las Vegas and ending 69 miles away at the Nevada Test Site Tomorrow.  They are keeping up their blog with each day’s journey account.  At the test site, there will be a rally and action denouncing current nuclear plans and other warmaking preparations at the Test Site and propose alternatives for the land and industry. There will also be an optional action on Monday, April 2nd to reach out to the Test Site workers.

This is an annual pilgrimage to draw attention to the nuclear dangers that continue to threaten our sacred planet and the community of life.

The 2007 Sacred Peace Walk will have a special interfaith focus commemorating Sr. Rosemary Lynch’s 90th birthday, Mohammed’s birthday, Palm Sunday, April Fools Day, and early celebration of Passover, Buddha’s birthday, and the full moon.

As the walk has progressed, they have made various stops in places like the Atomic Testing Museum.

Be sure to check out their blog to see how the rest of the event goes.  Wish I could be there!

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