Utah Transit Authority Upsetting Things AGAIN……

The Utah Transit Authority (UTA) keeps making changes.  Over a  year ago it completely did away with the bus route on the street in front of my house, running north and south between two TRAX stations.  Finally they added a regular route, running every 1/2 hour east and west on the street about 1/4 block away from my house,  to and from the TRAX station. 

But now UTA wants to change everything AGAIN and raise the fare!  As I understand what is listed as the changes, one of them will be totally cutting out the bus route added near my home, making it difficult for me to use mass transit easily. Many folks I know who use mass transit regularly will also be affected negatively by the proposed changes.   I don’t mind paying a higher fare IF the service is better.  These changes do not reflect better service, in my opinion. 

To that end, UTA is seeking public comment – please provide your input! 

      The Utah Transit Authority will be accepting public comment on its proposed route redesign until this Saturday (March 31). Public comment on UTA’s proposed fare increases will be accepted until April 18.
      To comment on both proposals, you can call 1-877-882-0200.
      To send a comment about the redesign online, go to www.rideuta.com/schedulesAndMaps/2007routeChanges/submitComment/.
      Comments about the fare increases can be e-mailed to ihuntsman@rideuta.com.

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