Tragedy in Salt Lake

My good friend called me last night, very agitated and shocked and scared.

She was in the Trolley Square Mall during last night’s shooting there. She literally ran for her life.

I had just heard about the shooting prior to her call as I saw it come across the newswire.

This was a horrible event. It’s only blocks from where I teach. I am sitting at my desk where I teach listening to the helicopters circle overhead.

I am thankful my friend is safe. I am anxious to learn more about the casualties and about the motive of the gunman.

Utah News
Mall massacre: Gunman at Trolley Square kills 5, wounds others before he’s slain
Night of terror at Trolley Square: Gunman casually fired as scared shoppers hid
Daily Herald
Gunman Opens Fire at Trolley Square; Six Dead
Witness: ‘We Heard Shot After Shot After Shot’
Six Dead, Including Man Who Sprayed Mall With Gunfire
Posts from Out of State News
Google News

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