Home of the Brave?

I was thinking the other day of America and its current state of status in the world. The national anthem tune popped into my head and when the part of the lyrics that say “home of the brave” came about, I heard that screeching halt of a record being stopped.

America is no longer the “home of the brave”. We are now the “home of the terrified”. The current administration has done its very best to take away our civil liberties in the interest of homeland security. And people have bought it. It’s sad when I hear of people state that they are satisfied to give up their rights so they don’t have to worry about terrorism. They are willing to have their phones tapped, emails monitored and right to voice taken away in the name of “freedom”.

Yet these are the same folks who have security (or insecurity) systems on their cars and homes.

The American Government of succeeding in its mission to control the mindset of the average American. America is the “home of the controlled,” the “home of the manipulated.” There is nothing brave about that.

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