“Strategy for Success”: Hatch’s reason for supporting Surge

Orrin Hatch is now claiming that more troops are needed in Iraq because of the “failed” preparation for war in the first place.


“I am supporting a strategy for success,” Hatch, R-Utah, said on the Senate floor Wednesday.

Of course he means the strategy for success to gain control all the oil in Iraq.

“So far, President Bush — who has a lot to answer for the mistakes that have been made”

What he is referring to is the mistake of not gaining control of the oil in the first place.

— is offering the only way to try to leave Iraq in better shape than it is now.”

He means that it will be better to have more control of the oil fields.

Strategy for “success”? “Success” will be achieved through the immediate withdrawl of U.S. troops so that Iraq can deal with its own issues and no more troops are killed in this illegal occupation of a country we had no business bombing in the first place.

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