I Wish the Salt Lake Tribune Would Get it Straight

After all these years I still can’t believe the Utah media can’t get it right. I’m referring to this article in today’s Salt Lake Tribune:

Goshutes, PFS press their battle for a nuke dump

The article makes it look like the entire Goshute Tribe wants PFS on their reservation.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The tribe is split on the issue. You can see how far back this goes with the articles below.

So why can’t they get it right yet?

A Tribe Split by Nuclear Waste
Native Americans, Allies Resist Expansion of Utah Nuke Wasteland
Utah loses key battle over N-waste
Federal panel rejects last state objections to Skull Valley storage

Toxic Utah: Goshutes divided over N-storage
Environmentally racist nuke waste dump tears Goshutes apart

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