Zool and Condi

I am a member of the Green Party of the United States Peace Action Committee. One of our members, “zool”, attended the Senate Foreign Relations committee hearing with Condi Rice. and displayed a sign that said “More Lies” during the hearing. It was also printed in The Washington Post on page A14 in the continuation of the Friday, January 12 cover story on the hearing.

Here, zool is seen between Gael Murphy of Code Pink and members of Rice’s security staff. Seated directly behind Secretary Rice , zool repeatedly displayed signs: “Old Lies”, “New Lies”, “More Lies”, “Still Lying”, “Stop Lying”, “Stop War”. After an hour and a half, zool was dragged out of the hearing room by Capitol Police in a posture of nonviolent civil disobedience. zool was detained only briefly, as Chairman Biden declined to have him arrested.

Go zool!

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