Rocky Anderson’s Goals

This will be Rocky Anderson’s last year as Mayor of Salt Lake City. In this year, he has a team that is working on 108 goals he has set for the remainder of his tenure. I don’t agree with some of them, for example mandating helmets for bicyclists and motorcyclists (I am opposed to the government making mandates for my own personal self). However, I like a lot of his goals. Here are some that I like (not all inclusive):

  • Require yearly courtesy training for all police officers.
  • Ban idling (except in traffic) for government vehicles and, possibly, all cars in the city.
  • Liquor law reform to eliminate private-club memberships
  • Develop Master Plan for segregated bike lanes
  • Close off traffic on certain streets to allow bicycling across town – Public campaign and celebrations
  • Lobby for state incentives for consumers to utilize alternative energy
  • Educate employers about tax incentives for employees to ride public transportation
  • Develop plan to convert all City vehicles to alternative fuels or high-efficiency vehicles
  • All fluorescents or LED in all City buildings. No incandescent bulbs, including holiday lighting

    See the entire list.

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