What I did well in 2006

I usually don’t take just one time of the year to make resolutions or reflect back on a whole year at a time, instead trying to self-assess/reflect/evaluate/create goals as I go along. That way I can at least make attempts to check myself regularly instead of waiting for the end/beginning of each year.

Today I thought, though, I’d look at things I personally think I did well in 2006. This is not an all inclusive list, but what I can think of off the top of my head today.

In 2006 I:

  • did a better job at keeping informed by using blogging as a medium to do so.
  • ran for office.
  • improved in looking towards “tomorrow” and not agonizing over past events and occurences – especially those where I was the target of mean-spiritedness.
  • was better at “letting go” of things over which I had no control.
  • was able to successfully teach others how to communicate effectively with people – particularly in cases where there was a lack of appropriate communication skills
  • was able to realize that a holier-than-thou attitude towards people who shop at Wal-Mart isn’t the answer to helping effect a change. Examples effect change. Recognizing that low incomes and lack of resources for people to consume fairly are the problems, as well as corporate monopoly. Change takes time and my little part is to live by example and not to preach but to educate in compassionate ways.
  • took things less personally than I have in my past.
  • attended two national actions aimed at changing the political climate in our country.
  • attended and got arrested at a national action aimed at stopping a test at the test site in NV.
  • did a really good job at taking over a very difficult position at my work. A state audit of my files was very positive an confirming that I am doing it right!
  • continued shopping at thrift stores and dumpsters. I made most of my own gifts or bought them from fair trade and/or locally owned/made sources.
  • supported my son when he found out he was going to be a father.
  • became a proud grandmother.

    I hope to be able to continue to improve my life this coming year by walking the talk – and by so doing, improving the lives of others and our planet as well.

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