Impeach for Peace

The eminent 3,000th U.S. soldier death in Iraq approaches(2998 as of the time of this writing). In three years and 9 months since the Iraq War began, American military casualties have now exceeded 25,000. Hundreds of thousands of deaths overall have occurred in this time period as a result of this illegal war and occupation.

End it now. Impeach for Peace, January 27-29th.

3 responses to “Impeach for Peace

  1. Gread video!
    Thanks for sharing this. It’s a great compilation and excellently timed music, very appropriate.
    “Impeach for Peace!”

  2. Re: Gread video!
    There is a website Impeach for Peace..

  3. Re: Gread video!
    Thank you! I’ve linked to it in the body of the post.

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