Oh my goodness, I have not updated this in such a long time. Since I last updated, my life has gone berzerk!

I accepted a new position at my school, Director of Special Eduaction Services. Boy am I SWAMPED! My life has been totally centered around school since then. Plus, running a political campaign and other projects – has had me totally unable to pay attention to this blog. Not to mention my gardening and crocheting!

Since I last wrote, Carmen has moved to Maryland to be with my son. The baby is due around December 17. Today, however, Carmen has been having contractions all day – hopefully just Braxton Hicks contractions, we’ll see.

My daughter, Emily, was in a bad car accident the other day. She is o.k. but has a lot of injuries.

Tom took the position of Building Manager at our school, so a lot of our time, too, is spent at school because of the work he has to do.

But we are really enjoying life right now and looking forward to our new grandson. We will see him (if he is born then!) on December 24 when we travel to Maryland.

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