Today’s News and Commentary

Here are some news items of interest today:

  • US Resorting to ‘Collective Punishment’ in Iraq. Clearly the U.S. is violating the Geneva Convention by turning off water and electricity to neighborhoods where U.S. Army vehicles have come under attack.
  • Pasadena Church May Fight IRS Summons: All Saints’ rector seeks legal and lay opinion on response to probe over an antiwar sermon. Deja vu – didn’t this happen to the NAACP?
  • World Marches to Save Darfur –
    With demonstrations in 40 countries yesterday, pressure is mounting on Sudan to allow in peacekeepers and end a conflict in which 300,000 people have died

  • Ten Nobel Peace Prize Winners Take Aim at US. 8 Nobel Peace Prize Laureates from around the world gathered to participate in the PeaceJam conference that is scheduled to run through Sunday, including Archbishop Desmond Tutu, The Dalai Lama, Betty Williams, Jody Williams, Rigoberta Menchu Tum, Adolfo Perez Esquivel, Shirin Ebadi and Malread Corrigan Maguire, Oscar Arias and José Ramos Horta. Aung San Suu Kyi is still under house arrest and was expected to speak to the group via video.

    Commentaries of note:

  • What’s the Matter with Voting Republican If You’re Poor? Low-income Americans don’t necessarily vote in their own economic interests; but it doesn’t mean they’re patsies. Gary Younge of the Guardian UK explores the differences in the poor and rich and their voting pursuausions. The strongest correlation between income and voting is not whom you vote for but if you vote at all. The more you earn, the more likely you are to turn out. According to the census, 81.3% of those who earned $100,000 or more turned out in 2004; the figure for those who earned less than $20,000 was 48%.
  • Bush Appointees Attempt to Brow Beat Senior US Military Officers, by U.S. Army Colonel (Retired) Ann Wright.
  • Take it From Him: American is Safer?
    Terrorism, Iraq and the Political Uses of Fear Five Years Into the “Long War
    , by Frida Berrigan.

  • Cluster Bombs: It’s Time to Outlaw These Ruthless Killers, by Thomas Nash
  • One response to “Today’s News and Commentary

    1. Voting Green Party this time
      I just moved to SLC from Illinois. I’m glad I found your site (I’m a blogger too
      I plan on voting the Green Party down the line in November. The time has come.

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