Carnival of the Green #43

This week’s COTG is hosted by LA Green Living. In this week’s issue:

  • Do some “rabble rousing” in addition to writing letters to and the typical lobbying of your representatives on environmental issues during this campaign season.
  • Critical Mass Bike Incident in NYC
  • Bangaldesh’s First Day of National Strike
  • The Emergence of “Windcrofting”
  • First LEED-certified residential home in the US and hopes for a green design for Bush’s presidential library.
  • Innovative responses to water crises around the world
  • China’s Water Crisis
  • Looking back at Hurricane Katrina: The environmental impact for the future; accounts from survivors
  • Genetically Modified Food Issues
  • Choosing reliable sources of sustainable coffee.
  • How to be “eco-friendly” when enjoying nature

    ….and more!
    Happy Reading!

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