Another Worry

So as Carmen and I were walking out to our cars from the doctor visit, my son Brian called me. He had just finished with his doctor visit. He has been having some weird symptoms – fatigue, frequent urination, and slow healing of injuries.

His doctor told him he has the symptoms of diabetes, but the in-office urinalysis didn’t show anything, so bloodwork was taken, the results of which will take a couple of days to come in. His doctor told him that if he doesn’t appear to be diabetic, he wants to explore other possibilities.

Now that is worriesome.

Brian is the child of mine who has had more accidents and weird things happen to him and has always been the more “sickly” of the three (even though he is the biggest!).(Although my oldest son suffers with the effects of Tourette’s Syndrome, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and Panic Anxiety.) Several years ago Brian had a virus – cold, sore throat, etc. He developed really weird sores in his mouth with it. One morning he woke up to find his entire face paralyzed. he couldn’t smile, move his eyes or any other facial muscles. His eardrums were paralyzed as well, making it so that everything was extremely loud to him.

After an entire day in the emergency room, doctors at first thought he had bilateral Bell’s Palsy – although there was no medical case known of both sides being paralyzed – only one side. They finally determined that he had Guiallme-Baure Syndrome which affects the immune system. One of my first cousins had that when she was 19, only her entire body was paralyzed.

Brian spent that whole summer and much of the next school year recuperating. He couldn’t skateboard with his friends or even visit with them because of the fatigue. Worse yet, because his immune system was so weak, he got ill more easily and even developed pneumonia. It was quite a year.

So now I’m worried about him. I will be anxious to get the test results.

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