Greg’s move

Things seem to be going very well with Greg’s move to Maryland. All his belongings arrived o.k. about a week after he got there. He has secured a manager’s job with Taco Bell in Frederick where he is living and will be making about $10,000 more salary than he did here – with benefits. Of course the cost of living is higher there than here, but it’s still good for someone who doesn’t have a high school diploma.

He’s been looking for an apartment – one that must allow dogs – to no avail. Seems every place he has contacted has none available, so he’s still got that loose end to tie up.

He is still negotiating with Carmen what to do about the baby situation. There is talk of her going there for a visit in June. We’ll see. I called her last night and she said she was doing well except for the nausea and fatigue – both normal for the first trimester.

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