Getting used to this

O.k., so it looks like “so far so good” with the pregnancy. I’m trying to get used to this idea!

Thankfully I have a good relationship with my future grandchild’s mother. We touch base with each other about every other day and she called me today to tell me that the most recent bloodwork came back looking really good. So she is on prenatal’s and has another dr. visit in about 3 weeks. I asked if I could come with her and she excitedly said yes!

I’m thinking of starting a LiveJournal community for grandparenting. I couldn’t find one that suited the needs to being a support group – if anyone knows of one I’m not finding, please let me know! Otherwise I’m going to start one!

2 responses to “Getting used to this

  1. I am so glad to hear things have improved and things seem to be going well.
    I too looked for you on a community and did not see anything that remotely resembled what you are looking for.. You should start one and you can advertise it on my if you like.

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