Greg – Days 2 and 3…….and a bombshell

Yesterday Greg made it to Columbia, Missouri – about an hour east of St. Louis. He drove about 11 hours. Everything went fine.

Today he drove from there to Columbus, Ohio – about a 7 hour drive. He is now only about 5 hours away from his destination of Frederick, Maryland. His dog, Sokrateez is doing just fine.

Now for the bombshell.

Greg told me yesterday before he left for his travelling for the day that he had just found out that he is going to be a father.

(music playing comes to a screeching halt – like a record scratching).

Greg decided, for reasons that I still cannot understand, about 6 months ago, to move to Maryland – where he did a lot of his younger growing up. Up until he left, he maintained a relationship with his girlfriend and they both were prepared for this life change of him moving (I still don’t understand, but didn’t make a big deal out of this. I think they were the cutest couple).

So now Greg is faced with being a father and is working out with the mother what they will do. The mother (whom I adore) will have the child. How they raise the child is yet to be determined. The mother took over my son’s manager job at the fast food restaurant where she (and where Greg did) work. So she has insurance.

She is only (gasp!) 18.

And now I’m going to be (another gasp!) a grandmother.

To be continued….

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