It’s spring – and changes

Wow, I haven’t written here in a really long time. I’ve been so busy with school and other activities that I haven’t taken the time to blog about important personal things.

So here’s an update:

  • School has had me very busy with organizing service-learning projects and activities for the school. Not to mention all the end of the year “stuff” that accompanies teaching. Additionally, we have to move our school and still have not secured a location (but we are close!).
  • I’ve been extremely busy with green party activities and have become more active with the national party, taking on important roles at that level
  • I decided to run for office – something I think everyone should do at least once in their lives. I’m running for Salt Lake Couunty Council.
  • It’s the beginning of tabling season, meaning that there will be lots of fairs and festivals where I will be helping table with the green party and the peace organization in which I participate.
  • It’s spring, so that means gardening. We have our back garden almost all the way tilled. We still need to get our contracted plow guy to come plow and till our front field. We’ve planted lettuces, spinach, carrots outside and inside we have about 6 varieties of tomoatoes coming up, as well as basil and cauliflower. We are still waiting for peppers to come up. I’m just about finished using everything up I froze and stored from last summer. I still have some corn and squash and chard in the freezer and some winter squash on shelves. Today I’m making a vegetable lasgna using tomatoes, squash and corn from last summer.
  • We are planning our summer travels. So far, we have committed to traveling to Tuscon for the national meeting of the green party of the U.S. July 27 – 30. After that we will head to Maryland to visit my family.
  • It’s hiking and almost mushroom hunting season. We all know what that means! 🙂
  • Sadly, my 21-year old son, Greg, is leaving Tuesday for his trip to Maryland to live. He is having a lot of his items sent by pallet (his stuff will be shrink-wrapped) on truck tomorrow, which is a lot cheaper than shipping his stuff. He will be driving, so he is likely to roll into Maryland Friday or Saturday. Needless to say, I’m nervous about him doing this by himself, but that comes with the “mom territory”. I am making him take my cell phone and have turned on the “share with network” feature so that we can track the phone if we need to. Today and tomorrow we are helping him pack all his belongings.
  • I haven’t menstruated since around Christmas time. I wonder if this is “it”. My mother was 45 when she stopped. I’m 46. Still having hot flashes – some extreme at times – and palpitations,etc. But…..I’m still medicine-free! Taking tinctures and eating right and exercising. So far, so good.

    So that’s about it in a nutshell. I’m going to try to blog more here on a regular basis.

  • One response to “It’s spring – and changes

    1. Hey.. good to hear from you. I figured you have been very busy.
      Wow.. County Council.. You go Girl.
      Yay for no menstrating. And still drug free. I think that is wonderful.
      I look forward to seeing your garden and hiking pics again.
      Hope you had a wonderful Easter Weekend. And hope to hear from you again soon.

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