We held auditions last week at my school for the musical Little Shop of Horrors. Oh, how I wish I would have had my camera when the students found out what parts they got! The looks on their faces were priceless.

But there’s bad news. The company that holds the rights to LSH informed us (just an hour after we posted the cast list) that we would not be granted the rights.


The kids don’t know yet.

So now we are faced with making a decision on what show to do. We don’t have a large cast from our small school. We are toying with these:

Once Upon a Mattress
Wizard of Oz

We’ll make a decision by tomorrow.

2 responses to “Quandry

  1. I cannot believe they would not let you perform the play. That just burns me up. It’s like “hello” are they afraid you will take the performance on the road or something. They are kids for Godsake. *sheesh*

    • I know, it’s really weird. The reason they gave is because of the professional touring company being on the road with it, but they will be in the east performing it when our tiny school would be performing it in May. PLUS……we discovered on the tour list that a school in California is opening THE SAME DAY as when the professional touring company is closing their show in California.
      Go figure.

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