UTA proposes route **cuts** while touting environmental responsibiltiy

I found out yesterday that the Utah Transit Authority is proposing cuts to midday routes so as to implement an express route from the South (Salt Lake)Valley for commuters. This has a lot of people, including me, upset.

Our valley is becoming more and more unfriendly to public bus riders and, by virtue of UTA’s actions, making mass transportion more unaccessible to the poor.

When you read the description on UTA’sPress Room Page, you will see that route cuts are attributed to “low ridership”.
The ridership is low because UTA continues to maintain a car-friendly situation:

  • Large, fee-free parking lots adorn the TRAX stations, making it easy to drive to the stations.
  • Absence of feeder routes to the TRAX stations make it nearly impossible for folks who need to use the bus to do so and does not encourage everyone to use mass transportation
  • Absence of incentives by employers to use busses.

    While UTA touts items of progress, such as the use of biodeisel to fuel their fleet (which is a good thing), this is, in reality, a cloak for the accessibility issue. It is counterproductive to be using biodiesel while cutting routes that further promote the use of automobiles. They cancel out each other.

    Public comment will be taken during these times:

    Riverton City Hall: Tuesday, January 10, 5-7pm (12830 S. Redwood Road (1700 West) in Riverton.)
    UTA office Boardroom: Thursday, January 12, 5-7pm (3600 South 700 West in Salt Lake City)

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