Today my 18 year old son is getting all his wisdom teeth extracted (actually as I write this he is just being administered the general anesthesia). I’m at school eating my lunch and my husband is with Brian. Just like with my 21 year old, even though Brian is almost 19, I still worry.

We did not have any kind of insurance for a number of years until about a month ago. I’m glad I have it for this event today.

Brian has always been the one child out of my three that is most susceptible to accidents and illnesses. He has been hit be a car and has had a mysterious disease that paralyzed his whole face that put him down for about a year when he was in 9th grade. So I worry about him the most when he has to go through ordeals like being put under for tooth extraction.


I’ll update later today.

2 responses to “Worrying

  1. Please let us know how he is doing. Thinking of You.

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