My school’s fundraiser for Hurrican Victims.

Students, staff, children of staff and parents of students of the school in which I teach, City Academy, held a car a couple of weeks ago (complete with water saving nozzles and biodegradable detergent!) to raise funds for Katrina victims. In 4 hours we raised $450.00. Then the following Monday a parent donated another $200.00!!! A company where one of our staff members’ husband works agreed to match any monies raised and then after the event doubled their matching funds. The total amount of money that will be donated is $1,950.00.

The kids all voted: My car was the dirtiest (yesssss!). Stands to reason since I had driven it to the east coast and back this summer.

After my kiddos became soaking wet (you can’t have a car wash without soaking each other!), they all wanted to give me hugs…….the only time I’ll see affection from them (I know they love me….they don’t have to hug me with sopping wet clothes to prove it….).

Anyway, we all had fun, bonded with each other a little more, and raised funds for a good cause.

Here are some photos:

One response to “My school’s fundraiser for Hurrican Victims.

  1. Oh What a great idea to raise funds and get to bond together. It looks like it was alot of fun.
    I Love the picture of the girl holding the upside down sign *giggles*
    WOW.. on getting the money doubled. What a generous Company.. Wahoo 🙂

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