Off on our travels!

We are headed off on our adventure across the country today! We are headed to Tulsa, Oklahoma to attend the nationl Green Party convention, which is being held July 21 – 24.

After Tulsa we will be travelling to my home state of Maryland to spend some time with my family. We plan to spend a few days in historic Cambridge, Maryland, birthplace of Harriet Tubman, in the Chesapeake Bay area. The town actually has the Choptank River running through it – a 70 mile river (running from Delaware to the Chesapeake Bay).

To get to Cambridge we also have to **cross** the Chesapeake Bay over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. It is a beautful experience to cross this bridge.

My childhood memories include yearly trip (sometimes twice per season or more) to the seashore where we would travel through Cambridge (about an hour from Ocean City, Maryland) and across the Maulkus Bridge which was the only way over the Choptank River. This bridge has now been closed to traffic and a new bridge has been erected to bypass the city. The old bridge is maintained and used for pedestrian traffic and for recreational use (fishing, crabbing, etc.)

We plan to fish and crab some, to revive activities we used to engage in, in my youth. My 76-year-old father is truly ecstatic. There will be about 10 of us on this little excursion while we are in Maryland.
While I hope to blog some during our travels, I’m not sure what computer access I will have. Be assured I will defintely provide a summary upon my return!

One response to “Off on our travels!

  1. I hope..
    you have a wonderful trip.. Enjoy every moment. I can’t wait to hear of all the things you did and memories it brought back.
    Be safe and looking forward to your return.

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