Sunflowers Now!

I have created a website for a business I would like to start. It is called Sunflowers Now!

8 responses to “Sunflowers Now!

  1. WOW.. That is a great idea. I love sunflowers. You have done a magnificent job on the website. No wonder we haven’t seen you.
    I hope it goes well.
    I have saved it in my favorites so I can go through it and the links.
    You should post this on all the community sites.

  2. and most definitely on

  3. I have been
    worried about you and the fires.. I hope everything is okay.

    • Re: I have been
      The brush fires are in southern Utah – I am in Northern Utah. That is sweet of you!
      Sorry I haven’t been as responsive lately – I’m not on the computer as much in the summer time – garden and traveling take up all my time. I have a lot to squeeze in when I’m not teaching!

      • Re: I have been
        Phew.. Glad your not near there.
        I knew you have been busy with all those gardens.
        How is everything growing.
        Do you can or freeze?
        Keep in touch. and I do love your sunflower website. When you get the chance you really should post in the communities.
        Glad you enjoying your summer. TTFN

      • Re: I have been
        Everything is growing great! We have about 10 more rows to plant before we leave in two weeks. We have to arrange for someone to irrigate for us, etc.
        I freeze my vegetables. I’m still using some from last year!
        I’m excited about how the sunflower concept is developing. I”m making clothes with stenciled sunflowers and I am crocheting sunflowers as well. My sister in law is also developing a line of skin care products using sunflower oil in them for my site. I am also developing graphics for t-shirts. Everything I create will be from used and/or recycled materials where possible. For example I am making jean skirts from old pairs of jeans and I plan to sew sunflower applique’s on them.

      • Re: I have been
        I think you have some wonderful ideas. I hope it goes very well for you.

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